Showtime anytime activation

Showtime anytime is one of the most popular streaming apps that is available on multiple platforms with which you can watch the most trending and on-demand services. 

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When you will have the Showtime subscription that would be absolutely free of service. When you will get the Showtime Anytime then there will be no additional cost for it. No doubt, it is one of the paid services so you will need to subscribe to it so that you can enjoy its streaming services on the devices globally like in the United States and its other territories.

When you will buy a smart TV box then the users of it can easily get the Showtime anytime activation on their smart TV by visiting the store of the Smart Tv from where they bought it. You must be curious to know what is included when the Showtime anytime activation is done on your smart TV. Then let us tell you that it offers a wide range of original TV series like I’m Dying up Here, Shameless, Homeland, Billions, Ray Donovan, and many other upcoming series Twin peaks.

If you already have the subscription of the Showtime Anytime then you should not worry as it will offer you a free trial after the Showtime Anytime Activation. Even the users of it can get access to the live broadcast of the network’s available in East and the West Coast feeds. Moreover, you can also enjoy the feeds and the box office -hits and the comedy specials, documentaries, and the sports programming that are available. However, if you are a native of the U.S.A then you must be aware that you can get the service of the streaming device only on the smart TV box. It is a popular device on which you can watch the TV shows, documentaries, movies but to do that you will have to link your Showtime account with your smart TV Box by using the link of the showtime Anytime activation.

However, you can have the subscription of it and then you can install on the multiple devices that support the showtime anytime activation process on the Smart TV. You can install on any device without any issues.

Showtime Anytime Activation

What is Showtime Anytime App?

It is a part of the CBS network that makes the media library quite large from where you can find the stock of TV shows, movies, documentaries, stand-up comedy shows, and much more on its website. And the best part of the ShowTime Anytime is that it has the high-resolution quality of the shows and the movies that you watch on the Smart TV with its subscription. So, you will not need to worry about the quality of the video while getting the app after the showtime anytime activation. Even if you are a user of the app then you will find it quite easy because of the user interface of the Showtime Anytime website. With the UI interface, the app gets easy for you to use the app because it is sleek and quite modern.

Features of the Showtime Anytime App

  • It helps to organize and watch your favorite programs on Showtime Anytime.
  • We can download the complete films and episodes on your preferred Smart TV Box devices and watch them offline later.
  • You can watch the show once more wherein you left off on some other device.
  • Also, we will enjoy the capabilities of having closed captioning and parental controls.
  • You can get them in your device of choice like your Tablet, Phone, TV, or even for your PC.
  • This applies to the movies too (Showtime Anytime Activation) being capable of getting right of entry to them as offline the net to your portable devices.

This is one of the magic of the internet. This is the surprise of on-demand for streaming services like Showtime Anytime. At your disposal and along with your comfort in mind, those plans are with the intention to experience any time of your day.

How you can activate the Showtime Anytime Channel on Your Device

In order to get the Showtime Anytime Activation channel, you’ll require an internet-enabled Smartphone or Computer. The guideline below will take you via the activation method of Showtime Anytime to your device.

  • First switch on the Streaming Device.
  • Now, you will need to tap on the home button of your remote and it directs your command to the Home screen of the streaming device.
  • When you will be on the Home screen it will automatically navigate you to the channel store and then you can search your Showtime Anytime Channel.
  • After it, you have to add the channel to your streaming device then you have to select the channel that you want to add from the Menu.
  • Further, you have to press the OK button from the remote so that you can directly be brought to the Home screen.
  • Despite, You can now open the Showtime Anytime channel from the laptop or the smartphone of the home screen.
  • Note the activation code down. You will use it on the TV display when you open the channel for the first time. It’s crucial since it’s the only one you’ll use in activating the channel.

Go to showtimeanytime.Com/activate on the internet browser using your private home laptop or Smartphone with internet connection enabled.

Enter the activation code on the TV screen. Once you enter the code, your showtime every time account may be activated to your gadget and begin playing full-time entertainment.

What are the benefits of the Showtime Anytime app for the users?

There are various benefits to enjoy the functioning of the Showtime. The one who is a user of it will enjoy the noted below benefits like:

  • Watch Live TV shows
  • Online Bills payment
  • Streaming High-quality movies
  • Online account managements
  • Stream the on-demand and the high-resolution Tv shows and the movies
  • Online bills payment
  • Full-time entertainment through creative comedies
  • Get Outstanding customer services
  • Streaming the videos through mobile devices

How to log in for the showtime anytime activation app?

Do you want to log in the showtime Anytime for the activation of the channels then you have to follow the below steps :

  • First of all, visit the main site of the and there you will see the option of the Log in which will be at the top of the page
  • Then you have select the television provider
  • Next, if you don’t see the provider from whom you get the service then you can select the option of “ See All TV providers” and then scroll down so that you can select the provider.
  • Now you will need to enter the required user name and the password of the TV provider
  • After it, you have to log in.
  • If you are logging in for the first time then you will be prompted to complete the profile linked to your account on the Showtime Anytime account.

Once you complete the details, then you can easily access the channels and the show from it.

Showtime Anytime Registration

There are some additional requirements that are needed to fulfill the activation criteria. Among which first is to have an account in showtime and second is to have cable or satellite connection with subscription showtime anytime.


Activation Process

  • Go to your search engine and look for SHOWTIME anytime application
  • NOTE: SHOWTIME app and SHOWTIME anytime app are both different.
  • Open the app and click on program, movie or series you want to navigate
  • Select ‘play’ or ‘Activate’ from settings, it will display the code.
  • Now visit on your browser and enter the activation code
  • Press’ Submit’ to proceed.
  • A display message will be displayed on your screen and you will have access to watch the program you wish to watch.

How to start the Showtime Anytime activation for the channel?

First of all to get the showtime anytime activation if the channel then you will need to get the preliminary requirements for it.

So, to start with the showtime anytime activation of the channel then you will have to collect the entire essential requisites. And the things that are included in are the TV provider account, high-quality internet connection, and the account of the streaming device that has the top features and the specifications.

  • Firstly, you need to connect the streaming device to the internet connection either you can connect it with the wired or the wireless network connection.
  • Next, you have to switch your device on and fill all the important credentials like username, password that will be required to log in to the device.
  • Then you have to visit the showtime anytime activation page
  • Further, you have to type the channel activation code as it will prompt you to.
  • Now, here enter the showtime anytime activation code in the required place
  • After it, you have to proceed above by following the on-screen instructions that are shown on the Screen.

Activate Showtime Anytime services on your Android apps – How?

The quickest manner to spark off your Showtime Anytime account is through the app. The hyperlink for Android users and the link for iOS users are given. The activation process is identical for each platform.

  • First, launch the Showtime Anytime app.
  • Then, tap on a video you’d like to watch.
  • Next faucet “Play”.
  • When caused, pick your streaming provider or company. If prompted, register for your company or provider account.
  • Next, you may see the activation code. Write it down.
  • Then, release a browser on your pc and go to showtime anytime activation.
  • Next, Log in.
  • When the fulfillment message appears on the display, your account has been activated.

Activation Process in IOS devices :

The process of activation to the application is nearly the same for android and IOS. Since the working software and programming of mobiles are different in both the devices therefore there will be minor changes in the process.

For IOS device :

  • Go to the link provided and download the application
  • Open your TV and tune in to showtime anytime.
  • Tap on the program you wish to see and touch on ‘Play’ or ‘Activate’
  • Select your cable operator from drop-down menu options
  • An activation code will be displayed, jot it down
  • Open the and enter the code.
  • Log-in to your account
  • Very soon a message will be displayed on your screen granting access to watch your favorite show, movie or any program
  • On to your TV and enjoy your time watching your favorite genre.

What is the requirement to do the showtime anytime activation?

Showtime Anytime Activation might not be easy as it might appear to. You will want to make sure that there are some prerequisites that you must be prepared to abide by. Let us check out these wishes you will need to opt for.

Showtime Anytime is to be had on platforms on different streaming devices. Here are the gadget necessities you’ll need to fulfill –

  • Your satellite provider has to be part of the Showtime network.
  • Your device or platform ought to be certified to use the service for streaming.
  • You should have the subscription of the Showtime Anytime plan along with your satellite tv for pc carrier provider.
  • You will need to sign up for the provider. Unless you’re registered to the service, you’ll now not be able to activate the account.
  • To sign in your Showtime Anytime account, launch the Showtime website, and observe the technique to prompt the account. You will want to pick your provider from the listing. If your provider is not indexed, you may no longer be capable of activating your account.

Getting a problem during the Showtime Anytime activation?

Does your showtime Anytime app creates a problem while you use it to watch the show on the computer. Then all you need to do is follow the below steps:

  • The very first thing you need to check is that you have the appropriate connection of the internet with the constant downstream bandwidth of 5 Mbps or higher.
  • Now you need to verify that there is no other bandwidth or the memory-intensive applications that are running in the background. As the activities that are running in the background like browsing, gaming. Downloading, etc can make the interference with the video playback.
  • Also, check that your computer is meeting all the requirements of the system so that you can run the showtime anytime.
  • Even you can check the anti-virus software or the firewall as sometimes they block the content for the video playback.
  • To fix it you will need to disable it then restart the browser.
  • Moreover, you will also need to check if the same problem occurs in the showtime anytime an app
  • To resolve it you will need to clear the cache and the data from your web browser.
  • Even you can use some other browser that is supporting the browser.

And if you are watching on your mobile app:

To make sure that your showtime Anytime activation process works successfully on your mobile app you will have to make sure that it has the appropriate internet connection.

  • And for that, you might need the wireless internet connection, or the 4G or higher connection.
  • So we will recommend you to use the app of the showtime anytime with the help of the wireless connection so that you can have the best quality and even it will reduce the usage of the data.
  • Next, assure that your device has the supported operating system for the showtime Anytime.
  • And in last you will need to forcibly stop it and then restart the app of Showtime Anytime.
  • Also, check if the problem is on the other programs of the showtime anytime app
  • Moreover, sometimes the app needs to update to check with that also.
  • However, also check the update of the mobile device
  • And after doing all the process you can restart the device.

Showtime activation is an easy manner that should now not have any troubles. However, once in a while, you may locate that Showtime each time isn’t activating whilst you enter and publish the activation code. Some of the common troubles are as defined underneath:-

Your cable or satellite tv for pc provider isn’t always eligible – : If the TV service isn’t to be had on the eligible listing of providers, you will not be capable of activating the service. In order to restore this, you need to buy a subscription with an eligible issuer.

A bug or outdated app/channel : If we are not capable of Showtime anytime activation for your device, the hassle might be from the provider’s app or channel. We have to genuinely try to sign off your Showtime account, get rid of the app/channel, turn off the viewing device, download, and reinstall the app/channel after which proceed to set off the provider.

Problem with the viewing device service offering : The gadgets that we use to watch Showtime Anytime are from third parties. They are vulnerable to third party compatibility issues. Therefore, if you are having problems activating your device, the hassle might come from the device. So we need to try to switch to another tool to look if the problem will clear up.

Showtime Anytime is one of the leading amusement service vendors. It lets in you to stream your content from several gadgets, whenever everywhere.

Moreover, if you forget the password of your showtime anytime app and want to do the showtime anytime activation. Then you will need to do the reset of the password and for this, you have to click the forget password option and then follow the procedure.


Entertainments may be furnished by many channels but the quality of variety is for what Showtime Anytime is known. This service is for the whole you could ask for. Although the number one American issuer, its service is available to different components of the arena too. There are various options and it’s your desire to pick which one you decide on. Leisure at its full glory, a laugh at its greatest…Showtime Anytimereceives you the beautiful feeling of rest inside leisure.

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