Maintenance and Support Services

Are you having complicated legacy structures and applications from numerous acquisitions and mergers in want of maintenance and support? Is your IT department regularly reduced to performing like a helpdesk? Are they’re overloaded with mundane protection and guide of software packages, without time for development and deployment of the latest software program structures? If yes, outsource software program maintenance and support to have greater hours in an afternoon and save massive on hiring and operational charges.

At 3D Fuzion, we provide dedicated software maintenance and support services with the intention to allow you to concentrate on your core enterprise functions. We are a team of expert software program specialists with numerous abilities, a passion for the job, and over a decade’s experience in the industry. We offer you with effective long-term persistent maintenance and actual-time help offerings for all your software program necessities.

Software Maintenance & Support Services We Provide

We proactively take care of the protection of the software program to make sure that your software program is bug-free at deployment. We follow the first-rate utility software Maintainence practices to make your software robust and at ease.

    Mainstream Services

    Adaptive Maintenance and Support

    We allow you to make the vital changes and revisions on your software program for the transformational wishes of your enterprise. Here is an outline of what we do as part of utility software program maintenance- Data layout change,  Hardware configuration change,Support Utility Modification, Localization and Regulation Change,  and Operating device integration.

    Corrective Maintenance and Support

    We assist you to repair errors in your software device, whether or not they’re logical mistakes, coding mistakes, or design errors. Moreover, we check out any computer virus which could get up to your software algorithms.

    Perfective Maintenance and Support

    Constant maintenance and special attention are had to make the maximum of the technology for your business. We observe your software thoroughly for changes, rectifications, modifying, deletions, additions, and improvements that it can want, and take essential action.

    Preventive Maintenance

    Proactive and Preventive – this is how we define the performance of our utility software maintenance offerings. Based on client feedback and past incidents, we put together your software for future requirements of your enterprise.

    Specialized Services

    • Software Version Upgrades & Functionality Upgrades
    • Migration
    • Database Migration & Language Migration
    • Support
    • Post-launch Support, Operational and Helpdesk Support 
    • Maintenance
    •  Website Maintenance, Long-term Maintenance, Custom Application Maintenance, Packaged Software Maintenance
    • Enhancements
    • Application Enhancements & Performance Enhancements

    Other Support Services

    Porting, Software Re-engineering, Request Based Software Services, Bug Fixes, Defect Resolution, Change Request Handling, Configuration management, Status Reports are some of the other application software preservation and help services that Flatworld Solutions can offer.

    Benefits Offered by way of Software Maintenance and Support Services

    You can gain a spectrum of blessings by means of outsourcing software program maintenance and support from 3D Fuzion. The on the spot and lengthy-term deserves of considering us as your depended on accomplice for software software program protection are as follows

    Performance Improvement

    Application software program maintenance Program usually encompasses upgrades and allows customers to enjoy the upgrades free of charge for a whole 12 months. Upgrades decorate the general functionality and overall performance of the software and increase its lifecycle as properly.

    • Bug Fixing

    Application software Maintenance programs assist defend the software from software program troubles but are commonly supposed for a selected time period. After the expiry of the assurance period, you need to pay for the trojan horse fixes yourself. A maintenance plan will, however, contend with that.

    • Stay Updated with Current Trends

    Technology and tech-established businesses undergo outstanding trade regularly. To stay abreast of trending technology, it’s miles crucial that you replace your software program applications frequently. Application software maintenance services allow you to hold pace with the modern-day tech tendencies and make sure that your employer can leverage its blessings.

    • Cut Costs

    With the maintenance of software offerings, you can keep a tab for your software program expenditure. Most programs cover users for 12 months’ duration, thereby lowering an enterprise’s funding for IT greatly. When you operate cloud-based apps, the month-to-month fees you pay for the one’s services commonly include the maintenance fees as nicely.

    Our Software Maintenance and Support Process

    Our system works like clockwork because we have a scientific framework in the vicinity to method your requirement from quit-to-give up. Our know-how repositories on business enterprise programs will make it less complicated a good way to draw close our obvious methodologies. We may even provide close-knit help if you select having an agent to walk you via the levels. Our technique is as follows –

    01.Requirement Collection : We will collect the documentation and strategies accompanied by your developers. The details will help us determine maintenance targets

    02.Program Analysis : We will depend on information sharing on agency application to decode this system goal. Then it will for sure help us to interpret the self-descriptiveness and the complexity.

    03.Maintenance Proposal : We will arrive on the great Maintenance strategy and the maintenance suggestion could be supplied on your approval

    04.Evaluating Infrastructure Stability : We will analyze the extendibility and balance of the infrastructure to understand the ability of the ripple effect

    05.Testing : The maintenance protocol, as soon as implemented, can be vigorously tested for ruggedness and reliability. If important, ongoing preventive maintenance efforts might be provided

    06.Release and Reporting : Once approved for launch, we will collect our response and actions in a legible file for recordkeeping and future reference.

    We provide world-class procedures, personnel, and global knowledge in system maintenance and support, including guidelines that enhance the value of the application form profile. This creates a distributed delivery environment.

    • Mobile App Maintenance
    • CMS Maintenance Services
    • Enterprise Resource Planning Maintenance
    • Website Improvements and Maintenance

    Why Choose 3D Fuzion for maintenance and  Support Services?

    With expert application assist by 3D Fuzion your company will:

    • Free in-house IT resources to awareness on core abilities.
    • Improve carrier reaction and resolution time.
    • Achieve a smoother introduction of new merchandise releases and enhancements to end customers.
    • Customer retention thru proactive making plans and product sustenance
    • Certified technical expertise with 24/7 on name & onsite product help
    • Sustenance product engineering & computer virus resolution
    • Reduce overall fee of possession (TCO), raise profitability through proper-sizing the crew based for your necessities
    • Flexible and obvious pricing without hidden expenses