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We have published over 800 books and worked on over 1500 Books related SEO websites.We are a Digital Marketing Legend with over a decade of experience in Digital Marketing on all channels.We can contribute to the content creation on social media and the full publishing of the book on amazon & kindle and all other platforms. We have full Knowledge about strategy & Amazon A9 algorithm entrepreneurship.

We have published over 800 Book titles in my life, and over 1600 Digital Products, Just do a simple Google search on our name which I am an expert in Inbound Marketing and Online Reputation Management.

We believe that once you have created yourself or your products/services as a Brand just like “Apple” people your fan following will buy anything you tell them to, that’s where we come in and provide help to digital businesses in achieving their goals.

Amazon is something very close to us. We have been working there from over a decade now, whether you have a Book, eBook, T-shirt clothing, or FBA Physical Products we know it all, everything A to Z of Amazon how their Rankings, Customer ARC review teams, Best Seller Stamp, ASIN promotion, AMS Amazon Marketing Services, Merchant Centre, etc

    Kindle KDP is the best thing we have worked on, 24*7 from decades, we have successfully launched hundreds of famous authors in every Niche, Micro Niche and Genre, whether Fiction or Non-Fiction we know how to work around AMAZON A9 algorithm and their SECRET SAUCE, we help a lot of people with getting Maximum Profit and optimizing ACOS on the adverts, writing the SEO Description, Perfect SEO of their Product Landing pages with BEST available keywords. We can create a PBN of Amazon books and pyramid of keywords which will definitely get you the Profit which you dream of and will best author central/SMO/SEO/ORM/PPC for your whole BRAND.

    Our strategies vary from client to client and we help them get exactly what they want, whether it’s the maximum number of sales and profit or doing the Perfect Online Reputation Management for their Brand.

    • Amazon**kindle+paperback+ACX+FBA
    • iBooks
    • Barnes & Noble
    • Kobo
    • Scribd
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    • Inktera
    • OverDrive
    • Baker & Taylor
    • Biblioteca cloud library
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    • We have helped normal people become Celebrity so I can do wonders for your book and overall image. With a good campaign, we can get you millions of downloads whether free/99c or others. We also have contracts with the National University of Singapore and many other book publishing houses.

    We can easily publish your books on all these websites + lots more: