Jhoanna Robledo


As Director of 3dfuzion and Digital Marketing head, Jhoanna Robledo Google analytic and hubspot authorized analyst with 14 years of professional experience in the info Technology sector has managed all the functional areas of item technology from technique to implementation while reducing costs, improving upon effectiveness and returning the focus to customer needs from internal issues. With a proven history of extensive and effective leadership encounter, he utilizes his huge history knowledge and a specialist skill set to donate to the success of 3dfuzion.
3D Fuzion is a New York based web design and development company in USA. As a team gamer, he had single responsibility to monitor the entire position of the Company’s online status. He determines the harmful influence of any misinformation; develop solutions to defend the Company’s business popularity when misrepresented, forums, sites, and different social media systems to provide the Company’s position. He’s dedicated in addition to hardworking and undaunted of a problem.
his team to obtain new business, increase conversions and engage and retain customers, whilst streamlining and improving internal business processes for continued growth and success.
Jhoanna Robledo includes a keen understanding of the business enterprise, managing revenues, and portfolio priorities while also focusing on how to control his group pertaining to great effects. He ardently believes that “there is absolutely no substitute for effort”.
Outside of function, Jhoanna Robledo enjoys Music, traveling and includes a keen curiosity in searching innovative tips for the successful business.

As founder and CEO of 3dfuzion, Rick Morthy is responsible for the company’s vision and leads the organization’s global operations, marketing, sales and development efforts. He founded 3dfuzion with a vision to provide unbiased solutions in Project Management, Software Design & Development, Web Development as well as Team Management.
He has an eagle eye passion for detail and commitment towards clients, and blends it with an implementation style that has the ripeness of a reputable organization with the nimbleness of a startup – these together have enabled 3dfuzion to stand apart in the exceedingly competitive software development Industry. His revolutionary results-focused with extensive experience in analyzing information system needs, evaluating end-user requirements, custom designing solutions, troubleshooting for complex information systems management, team management, strategic visioning corporate/business development, product development, building strategic alliances and new technology implementation.
His unique suggestions and his obsession for perfection have contributed appreciably in setting the tone for managing consumer relationships. He is responsible for delivering excellent results and direction for the development of organizational processes, framework, and methodology for clients all over the globe. He continues to actively evangelize software development as a career and its indispensable aspects in today’s world of software engineering…
In his words,” Some believe in the power of numbers. Some believe in the power of technology. We believe in the power of people. And the impact people can have on technology. Our roots grew from this belief that people with diverse points of view could come together to build a different kind of technology company.
Rick is an enthusiastic reader, golfer and cricket player, as well as a philanthropist who takes a personal interest for the organization success.

Rick Morthy


John Stahelski


John Stahelski started his career in 2012 and has steadily grown with the organization ever since. In his current role as a Project Manager, he heads a large quality engineering group, manages client relationship for some key accounts and also actively contributes to and manages an important section of the organization’s marketing, sales, and client engagement activities.
John Stahelski has a keen understanding of the business, managing revenues, and portfolio priorities while also knowing how to manage his Team for great results.
His experience with his team was instrumental in articulating 3dfuzion Vision, Mission, and Values. He led leadership development, marketing, and knowledge management initiatives that differentiated the company from its establishment. He is expert in Android and IOS, custom Admin Panels with Custom PHP, many servers like Amazon, GoDaddy, windows, Linux, payment gateways like PayPal, stripe, pay fast, MOLpay, 2checkout, authorize.net and soon.
His Technical experience has proven a powerful weapon to his team.”His creative and innovative solutions, latest tools, best practices and methodologies related to the development, keeping the code efficient, simple, following design-patterns, testable, scalable and his ability to work on the multiple projects and deliver the great results.
According to him, “3dfuzion is a company contributing clients exclusive design and Development along with a latest range of services from essential simple Website Design to complete e-commerce website development. We are developing websites and software for many dissimilar types of businesses. We are hiring professionals and imparting training and knowledge of existing web standards and practices and the ability to turn your ideas into reality! Our success comes from our ability to recognize client needs and quickly reply with qualified and quality minded technical professionals. We are constantly working towards exceeding our client’s expectation, taking care of our employees and being responsible to the communities in which we live and work”
His personal hobby is to spend quality time with his family, gym and Adventurous sports.

The most innovative soul at 3dfuzion who finds his peace in Good Ideas, Good Coffee, and  for being hard to please with everything less than brilliant contented and inspiring creative’s.He is a scrupulous eye personality who acquires the reputation of coming up with insanely feasible dreams for clients. With 7 years of rich experience in the Digital Industry, he posse both, the technology and the intelligence to uplift your brand among the top league of the industry. This is the reason that a microbe in the website, a typographical error in the mail and a dodge in the Campaign never skips from her eyes.
His focus is to generate returns out of marketing spent making marketing a helping solution to boost sales funnel. He is very well expertise in market analysis, new ideas, creativity, innovations, gap findings, and experiments in digital marketing services helps our clients to achieve success. She has observed not only the progress of brands, but also of the industry as a whole. Being a self-content human being,he finds joy in small things. Likely to be a bright Digital Marketing Manager, Super internet savvy & an eager fan of multifarious digital media tools,  updated on the newest digital buzz. Besides assigning work, managing deadlines and breeding great ideas,he is also aggressively implicated in distracting the staff with meticulous manner.
Creativeness is his throttlehold, which you can gauge in our digital marketing and social media campaigns, which have speedy viewer’s attention and prolonged brand recall. His vision is to value performance based marketing, making our client’s online trade’s endeavor a success story. The outcome are enough to persuade and pop-up our name as rewarding referrals and strong establishment as your favored digital marketing agency.

‎David Leitch

project Manager